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Travel Rings

Elevate your travel experiences with our stunning travel rings!
These exquisite dupes of real diamond rings are the perfect travel companion.
You can explore the world worry-free, as our travel rings offer both style and peace of mind,
without the stress of losing or damaging your precious ring.
Choose from our variety of styles and make every journey a memorable one with our IT-travel Rings.

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Drop Ring, the it list amsterdamDrop Ring
Drop Ring Aanbiedingsprijs€68
Emerald diamanten ring, the it list amsterdamEmerald Diamanten Ring
Emerald Diamanten Ring Aanbiedingsprijs€64
Emerald diamanten band, ring, the it list amsterdamEmerald Eternity Ring
Emerald Eternity Ring Aanbiedingsprijs€47
Tennis ring, wit goud, the it list amsterdamTennis Ring
Tennis Ring Aanbiedingsprijs€59
Hailey Ring - the it list amsterdamHailey ring
Hailey ring Aanbiedingsprijs€64
It Baguette ring goud, the it list amsterdamIT Baguette Ring
IT Baguette Ring Aanbiedingsprijs€64
ovale diamanten ring, the it list amsterdamOval illusion Ring
Oval illusion Ring Aanbiedingsprijs€68
The three Gems ring The Three Gems Ring
The Three Gems Ring Aanbiedingsprijs€76
Bespaar €30 Toi Et Moi RingToi Et Moi Ring
Toi Et Moi Ring Aanbiedingsprijs€49 Normale prijs€79
Bespaar €22 IT RING, verlovings ring, the it list amsterdamIT Ring
IT Ring Aanbiedingsprijs€52 Normale prijs€74